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Heroes of Galidor

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 Children age 10-13

All sessions will be held at my office in Canton, CT

Wednesdays 5:00-6:00 

Cost: $60 per session
(Most insurance accepted)

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From the glistening towers of the gilded city to to the halls of the ancient kings and beyond into the mysterious lands of the East, Adventure awaits!

Heroes of Galidor is a role playing game like no other.  Designed to harness the power of role playing to allow individuals to to step outside of themselves and take risks, it provides a unique social skill-building experience.  Players embark on exciting instructor-led adventures across a vibrant fantasy world.  Each adventure is designed around giving players the opportunity to practice important social skills, such as teamwork, communication and perspective-taking within the game itself.  Each session ends with a debrief to reflect on what players (and their characters) learned about themselves.

Additionally, while there certainly will be dragons to vanquish, the game is also designed to promote pro-social skills.  Players advance in the game and their characters become stronger, not by simply defeating enemies, but by exhibiting courage, empathy, creativity and perseverance in order to solve problems. 


Each adventure is designed as a single-session, stand-alone experience that can be joined at any time, however there are certainly themes and story elements that follow and connect each adventure.  


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