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Individual Therapy

I offer a wide range of services to meet you or your child or young adult's needs. From individual therapy to in-home assessment to legal advising, I seek to inform, educate and empower the client as well as the entire family.

Youth Counseling
Individual Therapy
Children, Adolescents and Young Adults

- Anxiety Reduction and Management

- Social Skills Building

- Life Skills Instruction and Application

- Coaching in the Environment

- Effective Strategies for

  Improving Performance in the Home,   School and the Workplace

Family Therapy

- In-Home Consultations and  


- Improved Family Dynamics and


- Creation of Effective and Sustainable

  Routines and Expectations

School to Home Coordination

- Coordination with school personal to  

  enhance service delivery across


- Participation in PPT meetings

- Review of school behavioral data and

  service plans

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