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Legal and Consulting Services

I am a member of the Connecticut Bar and have nearly 20 years of experience working in the field of special education both as a school social worker and as a lawyer.  My philosophy is rooted in the idea that the best outcomes are those that come, not from an adversarial process, but from a collaborative one between the school and family and I seek to bridge that gap in order to achieve the best outcome for the child.

For Families
Special Education Advocacy

Need an advocate to help in the process of securing an IEP or 504?  I can assist in helping you understand yours and your child's rights, build a plan that meets their individual needs and help you work with your child's school team to ensure their needs are being met.

Extended Guardianship

Need assistance navigating the worlds of Conservatorship or Guardianship?  I can help walk you through the process, fill out forms, explain the process to your child, and ensure that their needs will be met.

For Organizations

I have extensive experience working within a special education setting and specifically with children and young adults with ADHD and Autism.  I can help your organization build effective behavior plans, train staff on a number of topics from neurodiversity to writing measurable goals and how to effectively build a sustainable collaboration between your organizations and the families you serve.

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