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Future Filmmakers

Our 9-Month program takes a slower approach to the filmmaking process and allows students to fully immerse themselves in the various stages of production.  Students work together to conceptualize and produce a film from start to finish.  They will have the opportunity to explore every role in the filmmaking process and decide on their best fit.

All Abilities Welcome!

The program is split into three separate 3-month sessions.  You can sign up for the whole program at once or for each session individually

Fall - Pre-Production:

Filmmakers will learn the basics of writing a screenplay and creating storyboards as they choose a story idea and work together to write the film's screenplay.  They will also have the opportunity to explore their more artistic side by designing the film's costumes and props.

Winter - Production:

Filmmakers will host a casting call then begin the actual process of filming the movie.  They will learn how to direct a movie, manage a film set, use cameras, sound and lighting equipment.

Spring - Post-Production:

Filmmakers will learn the basics of video and sound editing, green screening and special effects.  A producer will manage film publicity while others prepare a musical soundtrack for the film.


Young adults age 18-22+


Most sessions will be held at my studio in Canton, CT, with the possibility of some "on-location" filming


Cost: $400 per session.  $1080 for the entire year.
Save 10% when paying for the whole year
Payment Plans are available.

Accepting Applications for the 2023-2024 Filmmaking Season!

Thursdays 3:30-5:00 

Session 1: Oct-Dec
Session 2: Jan-Mar
Session 3: Apr-Jun

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