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Production Crew

Full Week Summer Camp

Our filmmaking summer camp offers children an immersive and intensive filmmaking experience.  In just 1 week, students will journey through the entire filmmaking process and create a film from start to finish.  Students will have the opportunity to try out every production role as they learn the mechanics of filmmaking and how to work as part of a team, with all that entails.

All Abilities Welcome!

Level 1

Level 2


Children ages 10-14 

Young Filmmakers Program 2024.png


Boy Scout Hall in Simsbury, CT


9-2 Monday-Friday

Cost: $499


Children ages 8-9 (3rd/4th Grade)


Young Filmmakers Studio in Canton, Ct


9-12 Monday-Friday

Cost: $250


Each session students will be introduced to new concepts and steps in the filmmaking process.  They will see a short film evolve from the earliest stages of idea brainstorming through the entire production process.  Students will have the opportunity to try out every role as well, learning how to create a screenplay, organize and direct a production, run camera, lighting and sound equipment and edit video and sound.

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